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Critical Daily is an interactive and participatory web portal for graphic designers. Posts under the blogger's name Critical Daily are published on behalf of unregistered authors. These texts might have already been published in other magazines, newspaper and other media.


Sometimes everyone is right
Design itself should be the footprint of messages on ecology
The Union of Graphic Designers of Slovakia is already established
How to avoid domestic balast while building own identity
There are pursuits more worthy of our problem-solving skills
Designers are becoming substantial agents of change
Networks and creative collaboration make the design community sustainable
Are anti-capitalists hypocritical if they use mainstreem advertising and social media?
Image is a message, design is a medium, medium is the message
Graphic design is a knowledge production and tool for analysing power structures
Media nowadays give a heavily diminished and blurred look at reality
The key figure of critical practice is Jan van Toorn
Subjective mapping can show cultures in completely different perspectives
Let's think about who or what is terrorizing your life
Each direction can be inspiring and bring us to unexpected
The history shows that design is a strong ideological tool
Playing, praying and paying are by random nice similiar words
We should have new expactations towards designers
Design should become the subject of everyday social transformation
Culture as a social mediator was always on the edge of political interests
Culture posters are good medium for trasmitting of designers' messages
Unfortunately some topics will never be oldfashioned
Censorship does not prevent the will to speak and create
Let's talk about unique places in High Tatras
Let's talk about unique places in city of Bratislava
Let's talk about unique places in city of Trnava
Visualisation of the Slovak culture budget should be inspired by Fulla
Both client and professional designer should work on their communication
Popeye the sailor is not the right person to personalise fight against addiction
Designing and using pictographic fonts can be an endless story
History of smoking is an infographic designed in fresh and dynamic visual style
I wish more people would see this sculpture about the state property robbery
Professional designed state identity will not cover the corruption inside
Combining objective and subjective content can create an original book
Don't pee standing, sitting is more effective
Achieving the change of behaviour of someone is a hard nut to crack
Emoticons will not help homeless look friendly, they have to smile first
We have different values, we search for our profit
Uniform does not make better cop, but it helps create the positive image
It is shocking what we daily read in newspapers
Students should learn how to use critical thinking in their own projects
Poor Big Bird was misused in the political agenda
The truth is somewhere out there
Facades shouln't be painted such as coulouring books!
Critical practice is becomming a relevant part of the design profession in media society
We should consider the phenomenon of creating artificial ideal women
The current state of public transport maps in Bratislava is user unfriendly
Reader can use books by various ways
It is not possible to pay attention to all ads at once
Typography is everywhere we go, it is all around us
We walk around public spaces and we don't even notice them
Musicians should at least ask for forgivness while using music illegaly
Online we chat all the time, in real life we are often embarressed
The city centers are the cultural and social centers not residential zones
Using the public transport in Bratislava is a rather frustrating experience
Trashy facades are the manifestation of our post-communist trauma
The pavement is so significant for the city that can work as a logo or mascot
We should be tolerant in public transport, we all experience the same discomfort
Stressed people ignore the life risk or a car exident in order to catch the bus.
Do you agree that atheists should not be allowed to celebrate Christmas?
Clients who think they don't need professional graphic designers need them the most
The hypnosis is the last chance to force people to vote in Slovakia
When media is the message then message is power and power is media
We all wish something different for Christmas
They say they don't have time, but in many cases its just bad excuse
Game is great starting point for a discussion
We are designers but we do have opinion
Covering trashy paintings with new trashy ones is not the solution
Media manipulate people and people manipulate them
We should pray for forgiveness
Having something is better than having nothing


Freedom of expression
Union of graphic designers
National design and identity
social responsibility
communication networks
independent media
Image world
Visual journalism
Mapping of cultures
Navigation systems in public space
Ideology of design
Self-publishing of zines
Public financing of culture
Lack of public financing of culture
Culture events' posters
Culture and industrial heritage
Financing of culture
Client - designer communication
Drug addiction
Pictographic fonts
Infographic about health
State property robbery
State visual identity
Culture stereotypes
Moths in the kitchen
Homless in Slovakia
Police uniforms
Shocking news in slovak media
Creating visual messages
Dirty political agenda
Critical practice
Presentation of women in the mass media
Public transport maps
Design of encyclopedies
Effectivity of outdoor advertising
Amateur DIY design
Public space
Night life in the capital
Trashy facades
Visual culture
Tolerance in public transport
Dangerous street intersections
Traditional family
Professional designers
Christmas madness
Excercises for artists and designers
Lack of discussions at design schools
Public opinion
Visual communication in public space
Illegal use of music
Lack of scate parks in Bratislava

Memefest – Rethinking Communication 17–10–2018 11:01

There should be more posts about complex activities of this international network, maybe in more details and about specific project, books, initiatives that are linked within this group.


Wild facades 18–05–2017 19:13

This project was also one of the inspirations for the project www.projektfasady.sk. where Juraj also participated.


Thanks for your understanding 27–11–2016 16:47

I like how Miriam tried to find a solution and make people think about the inolerance in a very direct way. But it is really important to think about the timing in the process of planning, becasue we need to catch the target audience as first. Otherwise all our effort can be wasted. I propose to make the project again in rush hour and test the feedbacks again.


Something from nothing 27–11–2016 16:39

This project has a critical approach because Alica detected a problem in the skate community and tried to communicate it within the group and members of the community. I like how she tried to find a solution and suggested to create a new skate park from the waste and used an existing project as an example. As a medium she chose a brochure and its distribution at favourite skate spot in Bratislava. I also like her self reflection, because she was aware that she did not choose the right time for the implementation.