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Project    Lie strong

The truth is somewhere out there

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Lot of people have question Lance Armstrong regarding the doping. These questions are following him for ten years - ten years he was judged with cycling association about his innocence. Recent evidences, however, say the oposite. He therefore decided to resign from the leadership of his organization Livestrong that was a charity supporting people with cancer that Armstrong overcame. Armstrong argued that his positive test was influence by the chemotherapy not the doping. But in reality no one knows the truth but him.

The project was created during the course Critic – Critical practice in Graphic Design at Department of Visual Communication at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The course foucuses on practicing and developing individual or collaborative critical projects.

author of the text: Andrej Čanecký
license: Licenced by author of the text, please contact author personally.




Andrej Čanecký


06–12–2016   21–12–2012

Lie strong - poster

author: Andrej Čanecký
license: Licenced by author of the image, please contact author personally.

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