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How to use

With Critical Daily you can browse critical design projects, filter and customise the view in the blog. In the main navigation panel you can adjust your own custom CriticalMeter. After clicking on specific post, you can read and review selected critical practice project that was posted by a blogger and accepted by the editors. If you want to browse the whole content, also messages and issues, go to Menu and choose Archive. The archive pop-up window gives you the possibility to filter and browse the whole content that was added by registered users since the web is alive.

Critical Daily allows you to participate on the content. If you've got something interesting to share that represents critical practice in graphic design, you need to register to be able to add message, issue or project. This can be done from the blog by clicking on floating letters or from the Archive pop-up window by clicking on +M, +I,+P. If you find an inspiring issue or message added by someone else, it is open for you to use it and reflect it by creating your own critical project. Adding messages and issues does not requite editors approval, but projects do require them. Once the project is accepted, it will immediately earn points form editors and appear in the blog. Every project inside the portal is collecting points from editors, viewers likes, number of comments and time. The points are permanently calculated by the CriticalMeter algorythm, which defines their position in the blog.

You are also able to publish your own post-digital Critical Daily zine by clicking on the button Publish in the main navigation panel. The hierarchy of the projects in the generated zine is defined by the default or custom CriticalMeter that can be adjusted in the main navigation panel.