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Project    Cleaning chart for shared house

Lets live in harmony with peaceful atmosphere

Filip Ciho   253   353cm

Me, together with my flat mates, are having difficulties to keep our shared living areas tidy. There is always one of us who just cannot stand the level of mess around us anymore and that is when the decision is made to do the cleaning process.

We did have a cleaning schedule pinned to our refrigerator where stated name of responsible person who and when performed cleaning. Unfortunately, it got forgotten after some time and we absolutely lost the track who cleaned the last.

I realized, we are missing an organized table with clearly defined responsibilities and duties for each of us. Furthermore, an incentive for cleaning is needed in place and therefore I have come with solution for this problem in the form of Infographics.

Interactive infographics includes duties to be performed in order to keep our shared living areas tidy and clean. Those duties are displayed through pictograms. Rotating indicators with names of flat mates stated clearly define who is responsible for particular duty at the time. Lay out of whole chart is as follows: pictograms are placed in shape of a circle and moving part with names in shape of an letter “X”. Pictograms are explained in more details in appendix of this document.

Matej (flat mate 01):
One of many problems that can occur in shared apartments is the way how to keep shared living areas clean and tidy. In my opinion, this cleaning chart helps us a lot to keep track of who took care of the bathroom, did vacuum cleaning, etc. so we can avoid of unnecessary conflicts among flat mates. If we can divide work with fair share among us and are able to regularly perform those tasks I really think we can live in harmony with peaceful atmosphere.

Sabina (flat mate 02):
This is my third shared apartment already. Fairly, I can say that in all three of them we have had the same issue – to keep the shared living area tidy. I really like living with those guys, but sometimes they really piss me off with making mess and not taking care of it afterwards. With this great cleaning chart designed by @Filip Ciho I really believe we are able to keep our apartment clean and tidy, and furthermore, finally we do not need to argue about whose duty it is on toilet this week :) Xixi

The project was created during the course Critic – Critical practice in Graphic Design at Department of Visual Communication at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The course foucuses on practicing and developing individual or collaborative critical projects.

author of the text: Filip Ciho
license: Copyright




Filip Ciho


02–02–2018   02–02–2018

Cleaning chart for shared house

author: Filip Ciho
license: Copyright

Cleaning chart for shared house

author: Filip Ciho
license: Copyright

Cleaning chart for shared house

author: Filip Ciho
license: Copyright

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