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Project    Social scholarship for teachers

Can teachers live and work well on the salary they get

Hana Hudak   280   380cm

Poster as part of critical practice class in Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. This poster is a reaction to salary problemsof teachers in Slovakia - poster was created during protests that were happening around the whole country. It is based on social scholarship application form for students that can be asked from the government. This one is turned into application form for teachers to show how much they earn compared to how much money they need for living. Can they continuework hard when they know they barely survive on the salary they get?

As a part of the exhibition was a pile of posters in A4 size so people could take them, fill them out and post them to the Ministry of education office. Quite a lot of teachers who arrived with their classes to the exhibition took a few for their school to show to their colleagues. Hopefully some of those forms ended up at the desk of Minister of education.

author of the text: Hana Hudak
license: Copyright




Hana Hudáková


13–12–2016   17–12–2012
author: Hana Hudáková
license: Attribution-ShareAlike

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