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Project    Eurocontext Festival 2019: LIMITS

We are continuously exposed to certain limits

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The drama year of the Eurokontext festival is always marked by a theme that reflects the current social and political situation and connects the individual performances in the program. In the past, for example, the themes were “Walls” or “Civilization threatens civilization”. In 2019 SND has choosen Limits as the key theme.

"When looking for a topic, we realized that all across Europe we are bothered of continuously being exposed to certain limits. Democracy has its limits, capitalism has its limits, consumer lifestyle has its limits. This topic seemed interesting to us," explains Michal Vajdička, director of the SND Drama Company. Therefore, we decided to use photos from the protests on the propagation posters, because the protests point to the border situations that our society was going through.

The protests as a borderline opportunity to express dissent in a democratic society to the current development of the social situation in the world was a strong theme in which we wanted to illustrate the main message of the festival. So we decided to have posters with photos from various civic protests in Europe.

We tried to have a photo from protests from every participating country of the festival. This could be easily recognized through some detail, but without clear banners with the political messages. However, the then management of the SND decided to stop the production of posters in the interest of protecting the political independence of the SND.

"The order of the Director General of the SND, which has been in force for several years, states that in the interest of the SND's political independence, its premises and publicity of the institution's artistic production will not be used for presenting political parties and political movements or other activities."

The SND leadership believed that the photos from the protests were "of this political nature, as the posters contained footage and slogans from the demonstrations, not only in Slovakia but also from other countries," the SND wrote in its opinion.

Due to this discrepancy, we agreed with the head of SND Drama Company on blank visuals. These also illustrated the limits we encountered during the promotion of the festival. The blank visuals thus visually dimensioned the entire year of the drama Eurocontext.

author of the text: barbora sajgalikova
license: Copyright




Barbora Sajgalikova


24–12–2020   24–12–2020

European Theater Festival 2019: LIMITS

author: barbora sajgalikova
license: Copyright

European Theater Festival 2019: LIMITS

author: barbora sajgalikova
license: Copyright

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