Consent to the processing of personal data

According to Slovak law (§15 z.c. 122/2013 Z.z.) all subjects that maintain web pages collecting personal data are obliged to receive this consent from its users.
Please read carefully following paragraphs.

Therefore we need you to agree with the collection, retention and processing of the personal data contained in this form by the web portal Critical Daily maintained by Katarina Balážiková for the following purposes:

1. building a database of users of the Critical Daily web portal;
2. building a community of bloggers that are interested
in participating on the content of the Critical Daily web portal;
3. marketing and promotion of the Critical Daily web portal;
4. connected with quality reviews aimed to improve services of the Critical Daily web portal.

The consent for the processing expressed above includes the following personal data: name, e-mail address and text about professional achievements.

We are informing you about your right to: access and adjust your personal data, lodge written, motivated request to cease processing your personal data, lodge objection against processing your personal data, as well as request information about the usage of your personal data.

We want to inform you, that this consent is voluntary. But be aware that
not giving the consent, you will be able to access the web portal with functional  limitations and not be able to participate on creating the content.